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You deserve the best

I am committed to producing healthy and happy puppies for families.

About Hightopp Standards
We breed and train pets in a friendly environment that allows them to transition into a family home.

I am a small breeder of standard poodles. I love working with the puppies and getting them a great early start.

It's more than just breeding a puppy, we do everything we can to make sure we are breeding the healthiest of puppies!

Hip exams

Heart exams

Thyroid monitoring

Eye evaluations

DNA testing

Submitting the DNA tests to OFA allows you to see what all we have done. I am in the process of submitting my pennhip scores for my CHIC certification.

including some of the newest DNA tests available for cataracts, prcd4 which is a disease that affects the eyes in dim light. Our parents are fully vetted with heartworm/flea preventative year round we feed a high quality food so that they will have their best start. Proplan Sport as our poodles are very active and do well with the extra protein.

Dogs are more than just pets, they are members of the family. I work very hard to make sure I'm raising these puppies with all the desensitizing I can to help you. From making sure they will behave well for grooming and sounds to just being around other dogs and family. I like to start crate training here as it helps you with the initial tranistion into your home. It's tough when you get a puppy and try to crate train it the first time they do cry a lot. With my method it helps them enjoy the crate and know it's a safe place where they can rest.

The puppies are played with and spoiled here before they even come home to you. I love the puppies I raise so much that I have an open door policy to bring them back should your life circumstances ever change.

We offer board and train, group training sessions as well as online classes. The classes we offer are socialization, obedience, working through problem areas, and some of the fun stuff like tricks.

Our team
Learn more about our team

Our team brings extensive professional experience to assist businesses with their diverse needs. Our passion for helping our clients is what unites us. We can't wait to work with you.

  • juniorshowopal.jpg
    Assistant helper

    This little girl is ready for all things, New pup that needs a little extra attention she's up for it!

    Chloe is our little helper, she socializes with the puppies and gives them lots of love.

  • 01d9fcdf4d30e542ce2ad850163fdfea9238f20334.jpg

    Amy is wonderful with the puppies, she incorporates a lot of training she learned with the horses to the puppies and their development. Bringing in Puppy Culture and training methods used to help the puppies transition into their new homes.

    Amy is the founder of Hightopp Standard Poodles, She has a profound love of all animals but really the Standard Poodle breed.

  • 2020-03-09_13-55-18_734.heic
    Haley Clemons
    Executive Trainer

    Haley works with the dogs, the horses and all things organizational. She has years of experience in group training sessions and one on one work.

    Haley is the real star of this operation, she does a lot of the training, the running and is just amazing.

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